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Super Gro To Boost Fertilizers


  • Super Gro To Boost Fertilizers


Price : ₦1,200.00(Negotiable)
Type : Sell
Date : June 14, 2019
Location : Udu, Delta State, Nigeria

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Get More From Your Farm Or Garden by mixing Super gro with water to spray your farm or garden.This product is not harmful to humans as it has been confirmed by NAFDAC with NAFDAC No. A5-0599. With this NAFDAC number, you have the confidence to use this products safely on your farm or garden.Super gro can be use on Tomatoes, Rice, Beans, Guinea corn, Cassava, Okra, Watermelon, Plantain, Cabbage, Potatoes, Cucumber, Maize, pineapple, Groundnut, Millet, Soya Beans, Wheat, Ginger, Pepper, Vegetables, Yam etc. and cash crops like: Cocoa, Cashew, Coconut, Mango, Palm Tree, Rubber, Kola nut, Orange etc.You can also use it on your garden to produce beautiful flowers.Benefit of Super Gro includes the followings:•It creates resistance to diseases and keeps crops clean•It enhances agricultural treatments – it increases the effect of the treatments•It enhances wetting power by making water “wetter”. It keeps wetting longer on crops•It helps treatment sticks and not run off. As a sticker, it has internal ability to absorb Solar Energy and gum it to the plant for maximum use.•It improves the absorption of nutrients•It spread your treatment and so eliminates pest and increases higher yields.•It is bio-degradable, not harmful, non-toxic, non-inflammable, and environmentally friendly.•It reduces the amount of fertilizes you use and save money while increasing harvest•It reduces production cost as you will use less chemical fertilizer (in some cases none)•It does not affect the pH balance of the soil or destroy the land. Crops do not get spoil on time due to its uses.•It feeds, renews and revitalizes the plant and so keeps seed, the stalk and the leaves healthy.•It will help you to meet export demand if you plan on exporting your produceThe 5 litre gallon will spray 10 Hectares of land. 1ml of super gro as you can can be mix 1 with 1 litre of water to spray. You can use 20ml to mix 20 litres and spray a quarter acre of your farm. It is very economical and will give you high yields on your farm or garden.Spray on weed free farms and use a sprayer to spray. Start spraying from the plants base to the stem and the leaves of the plants. Spray once at 3 weeks interval, spray 4 times before harvest. For cash crops you have to spray for at least 3 months. DO NO SPRAY WHEN THE SUN IS UP.This will destroy your crops. Spray early morning and evening. If you will prefer to get rid of pest in your farm with natural products, then add Super 10 or LDC to your mixture.We will supply you with full instruction on type of farm you have. If you have not use super gro before, we suggest you try out the sample of 250ml on a small portion of your farm to see the result. Get a sample for just N1,500.If you want the 5 litre please indicate when you call to place order.Disclaimer: This is not fertilizer to replace normal fertilizer but it can be added to fertilizers to boost result.


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