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Super Gro Organic fertilizer


  • Super Gro Organic fertilizer


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WOW ……………….GOOD NEWS FARMERS………HERE IS THE EFFICACY OF THE (NEOLIFE SUPER GRO) THE GREAT MAGIC WONDER DROP PRODUCT FOR PLANTING, POULTRY, FISHERY,CATTLE,PIGGERY, BROILER,SNAILRY,AND OTHER LIVESTOCK FARMING…….As the name implies,it is the most wonderful and great liquid natural fertilizer ever produced for agro-industry.It is meant for the purpose of growing crops and plants in order to add much value to them.This is to ensure that agricultural productivity is enhanced both in quantity and [SUPER GRO]being natural in essence means that it is devoid of chemical input which makes it different from the conventional chemical fertilizer that we all know.Because crops and plants depends on so much on water,super-gro is meant to improve the quantity and quality of water as required by these crops and plants for wonderful growth and production by adding the essential nutrients they require for that purpose and this is one of the advantages super gro has over other chemical fertilizer.super-gro helps you make the most use of water,water one of the fundamentals of life itself.One of the reasons why agricultural industry must not underestimate the constant use of this product is because as our global population grows .water will become an even greater concern to everyone because of its importance in our daily life most especially for the production of food. Bearing this in mind,it therefore becomes much essential that we all should also be much concerned about improving the quantity and quality of the water to ensure its most efficient use.FUNCTION OF SUPER- GRO (THE NEOLIFE GREAT MAGIC WONDER DROP PRODUCT).Acts as both adjuvant and surfactant, by reducing the surface tension of water in addition to acting as weltting agent.Adjuvant is an agent designed to aid in substance (s)action.NEOLIFE super-gro makes water wetter by reducing its surface tension.Water does not always wet very well except when super-gro is added although this might seem contradictory. It often tend to bend up on the waxy surfaces of plants,crops,lawns and garden and before it has a chance to penetrate, it runs off or evaporates .super-gro helps on conserve water;it tends to increase the rate at which water penetrates common soil.Surfactants are welting agents that are used in diverse ways;As emulsifiers to disperse oils.As welting agents to lower surface tension.As dispersing agents to lower surface tension.As dispersing agents to reduce adhesion between particles of chemicals,so they will spread and remain in solution for a longer period of time.FEATURES OF SUPER-GROIt is a multipurpose surfactant.It makes water wetterIt is specifically formulated to be effective, economical and versatileIt is easy to useHas long shelf lifeIt tolerates extreme temperature variationsIt is safe to use indoor and outdoorIt is non toxic,non caustic and non inflammableIt improves the absorption of nutrientsKeep water for plants or crops in dry seasonMakes plans and crops bigger in size and in shapeADVANTAGES OF NEOLIFE SUPER-GROBecause super-gro makes water wetter, it increase soil penetration and retention.Because super-gro makes water wetter, it helps retain the water under the soil continues to be wet even in dry season/warm weather which also makes the crops/plants maintain their even green outlook and growth during the dry season.Biodegradable: Leaves no harmful residue on the products of the crops and plantsBeing natural does not have chemical that could leave any harmful residue on the soil unlike the other types of fertilizerIt does not adversely alter the soil pH.Reduces watering time by reducing run off and evaporation.It increase plant and crop yields increased maximum production is assured.It highly concentrated and therefore very economical and a little goes a very long way.User,environment and nature friendlyActs as a sticker on plants for efficient and maximum production.The crops and plants will have greener and healthier outlook at all time and at any weather.It enables farmers save a lot of time and money. A maximum portion of land produces a maximum output[maximum yields] means bigger.Ensures uniformity of crops/plants and their seeds.THE USE/METHOD OF NEOLIFE SUPER-GRO FERTILIZER FOR CROPS/FRUITSIt’s quite suitable for the cultivation of corps like cabbage,pepper, vegetables, onion, melon,tomatoes, groundnuts,carrot,plantain,wheat, rice,beans,millet,soya beans,yam,cassava,cocoyam,cocoa, banana,okro,potatoes,palm,Orange, Mangoes,lime, and host of other crops.APPLICATION/MIXTURE.Mix as follows;2ml of super gro with 1litre of clean water.10ml of super-gro with 5litre of clear water200ml of super-gro to 100litre of clean/clear water.And so on………Then agitate gently and stay on the leaves and stem/root/base of the crops/plants. Apply the same thing every two/three weeks or once in every months as you desire. Its important that you do this before the crops plants start to flowers.THE USE OF SUPER-GRO FOR PLANTS, TREES AND CASH CROPS;It is also very suitable for the cultivation of the following cash crops like cocoa,cashew,mango,orange, oil palm,paw-paw, kolanut ,pineapple, rubber and a host of other plants and cash crops.APPLICATION/MIXTURE OF SUPER GRO ON CASH CROPS.2ml of super-gro with 1litre of clean and clear water.10ml of super-gro with 5litre of water200ml of super-gro with 100litre of clear water etc….Then agitate gently and spray on the leaves and stem/root/base of the crops/plants. Apply the same thing 2-3weeks or once in every months…..IMPORTANT FACT TO NOTE;plants your crops in ridges or lines so that you have narrow site to walk through for easy spraying.If you use chemical [herbicides] to weed,allow the effect of the chemical to wear out before applying super-gro,spray super-gro after 4days of weeding with herbicidesDo not use the same sprayer for weeding chemicals [chemicals]on super-gro. You must get a separate sprayer for the super-gro, this is to ensure that the residue of the weeding chemicals left in the sprayer can does not neutralize the substance and effectiveness of the super-gro..If you use cutlass to weed,you should pack the weeds before you spray super-gro the next day to ensure the super-gro properly enters the soil and avoid waste of the products. for crops like cocoa,rubber,kolanut,orange need more pressure to get the super-gro into the crops and plants.if you don’t have boom sprayer,you can use watering can but make sure the mouth of the can is not too wide so that it will not waste your product. But try as much as possible to get a boom sprayer because its more economical and faster.FOR INSECTICIDES PURPOSE, use super 10 or LDCSuper 10can be added to the mixture in the same quantity as super-gro if you want to drive away insects and pests from your crops/plants.likewise LDC can be added/used also in place of super 10 to expel insect and pests away from ur crops. This product from nature does not affect your skin because of its non-tozic and caustic nature.THE USE OF SUPER GRO FOR FISH FARMINGconcrete or mud ponds are most preferable.APPLICATION/MIXTURE.Fill in the ponds with clear water measured in litres and add 1ml of super-gro per 10litre of water and agitate gently. Then leaves this treated water for 7days to 10days to fertilise the pond and then flush out the treated water after this period. put clear fresh water and leaves for 5-7days before stocking your fish inside the pondADVANTAGE OF SUPER GRO ON FISHESPrevents fish mortality and cannibalism. Increase the ability of oxygen dissolving in the fish pond thereby less changing of water on a daily basis.Promote the growth if phytoplankton in the pondIt reduces ammonia level and maintain water pH.Promote help uniform growth of fishVery effective in many ways types of fish pond eg plastic, earth and concrete pondPrevents offensive odour and scurrying in the pondAbsolutely cost effective.COMPARE SUPER GRO WITH OTHER WATER TREATMENT PRODUCTit is a natural product that has no chemical contentit contains nutrients needed by fish for maximum growthit fertilises the pond thus you don’t need to change the water on a regular basis when using super-gro, you don’t need to add any other chemical to the pond it is very economical. 5litre will serve you for 4-6months depending on the size of the will increase your product because many people will like to buy your fish which will outgrow other fishes and look healthier.IMPORTANCE OF SUPER GRO ON SWINESPIG PRODUCTION and preservation depends largely on water content in pigs body and ambient temperature of the environment which SUPER GRO offers.Super gro helps in increasing the libido in male pig by welting both the internal organs in the body of pigs and the external environment.Super-gro enhances a favourable condition of reproductive system in pig thereby increasing the number of spermatozoa collected per ejaculation,motility rate and fertility.Super-gro helps in improving the oestrus cycle in the female pig thereby increasing the heat period and breeding.Due to nature of pigs and its surviving environment,they most times are susceptible to disease causing organisms such as virus, bacteria, fungi,protozoa, external and internal parasites. Hence SUPER-GRO when used with SUPER 10 helps in disinfecting the environment and make them free from diseases and pestsUSES APPLICABLE TO CATTLE,DIARY,COW,DOAG,GOAT etc…METHOD OF APPLICATION FOR ……………..Add 2ml of super-gro in 10litres of drinking water.Mix 1ml of super-gro with 2ml of super 10 to clean their environment METHOD OF APPLICATIONAdd 2ml of super gro with 2litre of super 10 to clean the environment or wash their body.IMPORTANCE OF SUPER GRO ON SNAIL generally snails require damp environment with super gro offersSuper gro provides enough moisture which the snails need by wetting the ground and the allowing the water to be absorbed faster than they could run off.NOTE the required moisture content of soil for snail is 80%Super-gro helps to improve soil micro organisms(including earthworms) whose burrowing activity in the soil create an excellent environment for snails.Super gro helps in during away harmful pest(such as soildier ant grass lizard)from the snail pen.Super gro stimulates cooler temperature which when mixed with night time dew helps the snails to move easilyNEOLIFE SUPER GRO FOR POULTRY FARMINGADVANTAGES ON POULTRY FARMING ARE;Boost chicken eggsPrevent chicken from fowl pox and choleraPrevent chicken from cold and quail diseasesPrevent the chicken from pneumoenephalitis(newcastl)It promote uniform growth of the chickens and prevent them from swollen headIt prevent them from chickens FLU(fowl plaque)Prevent them from egg drop syndrome (EDS)It prevent them from epidermic tremorFUNCTION OF SUPER 10It drives away insect and pestUse for spot cleansing (industry).Mix with SUPER GRO will drive insect and pest from plant.


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